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For example, a reaction which shows color change the rate of such reaction can be. Factors which can affect the rate of a chemical reaction include. The higher the concentration of reactants, the greater the rate of reaction and vice-versa. Changing the amount of one of the reaction components can affect the equilibrium only if the concentration of that component is changed. The concentration of a. Collision theory and temperature effects on rates. see the effect of elevated temperatures and increased reaction rates. products are slightly different because of the temperature changes. activation energy plot heat effect. Concentration. Reaction rates can be increased if the concentration of reactants is. Demonstration How Temperature Affects the Reaction Rate. The rate of a chemical reaction equals the change in concentration of products or reactants divided. Chemical reactions, however, can be changed by physical factors such as. This section summarises how reaction rates are affected by changing. Increasing the concentration of a reactant increases the rate of reaction due to the. This is the minimum energy that colliding particles must have before they can react. sunlight could affect the speed therefore the experiment will take place in the shade, so that temperature shouldnt change the reaction speed, we will check by. The rate of a chemical reaction can be increased by raising the temperature. Changing the concentration or pressure. If the concentration.

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Changing the amount of one of the reaction components can affect the equilibrium only if the concentration of that component is changed. The concentration of a.Factors That Affect Reaction Rate The following factors can affect the rate of a reaction. Collis. affect. Temperature Concentration Surface Area (Particle Size) Catalyst. This is because the amount of reactant particles doesnt change.

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